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School visits to the Gurdwara

The Nanak Darbar North London invites schools and educational establishments to visit the Gurdwara in order to learn about key aspects of the Sikh faith, how it is practised and how Sikhs integrate with life in the UK.

Topics covered can include:

  • A brief introduction into the history of  Sikhism and our Gurus
  • The purpose of the Gurdwara (Sikh Temple)
  • The Sikh way of Life
  • An understanding of the Sikh Beliefs.
  • An overview of Sikh customs and religious symbols.
  • An outline of the major Sikh Festivals.
  • A question and answer session

If you wish to organise a visit, please do not hesitate to contact either Mr Sital Singh Maan Tel: 0796 0648 623   Email : sital.maan@gmail.com  or Mrs Balwant Kaur Rehal Tel: 0208 292 9725email : balwant_kaur@hotmail.co.uk with the subject heading of “School Visit Request”

Alternatively please complete the online form.

The following information should be included in the email:

  • Subject heading of email  –    “School Visit Request”
  • Full Name and Address of School
  • Contact details of the person resposible for organising the visit.
  • Preferred date of visit
  • Morning or afternoon preference – Visits last 1 – 1.5 hours
  • Year Group/ Age of pupils
  • Number of Pupils to attend
  • The outline of what is required from the visit – the list above may provide you with some guidance
  • Please include any requests for special arrangements, we will try to accommodate them if possible.


Some general information for visitors:

  • The Gurdwara does not allow drugs or alcohol on the premises.
  • All visitors are required to remove their shoes and place them in the shoe racks.
  • All visitors will need to cover their heads. A knotted handkerchief, plain hat or scarf is acceptable. The gurdwara usually has a box of scarves available for general use.
  • In the main hall, visitors sit on the carpeted floor although a few seats are available for those who cannot do so.
  • When entering the main prayer room, a small bow should be made towards the Guru Granth Sahib (the holy book) as a mark of respect.
  • During your visit you should not turn your back to the Guru Granth Sahib. Whilst sitting, the soles of the feet should never be pointed towards the Guru Granth Sahib.
  • All visitors will be offered a small portion of kara parshad (sweet food made from semolina offered as a gift) .It is usually accepted in cupped hands and eaten with the right hand.  PLEASE NOTE: kara parshad should never be thrown away. Any uneaten kara parshad should be collected and left out for birds or other animals.
  • The Gurdwara may serve langar (vegetarian food from the communal kitchen). Langar should not be wasted and you should take a suitably sized portion and return for more rather than taking too much in the first instance.