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Classes are held on Fridays from 6.00pm to 7.00pm by a qualified trainer. The newly set up classes are beneficial to all age groups.

New recruits are welcome.




Classes are held Tuesdays weekly from 6.00pm to 7.00pm and are taught by Maggie Govender. The classes have been long-running and successfully proven to be beneficial to all age groups.

The exercises address a multitude of ailments, for example problems with joints. New recruits are welcome. The setting up of a similar class for Men is encouraged. Please contact Gurjinder Kaur Thethi on 0788 193 5859 or Balwant Kaur Rehal on 0208 292 9725 for more information and how to join the classes.



Working in conjunction with Professor Surinder Singh of the Raj Academy, the following 2 educational provisions are in place for the teaching of music at Nanak Darbar North London from September 2007.

Age 16 and over - Thames Valley University (BMus, BA).Minimum qualification requirement is that the student has achieved Grade 8 or equivalent in Music   

To age 16 - Music tuition programme of learning  Course structure is affiliated with the London College of Music and accepts students from any age to 16. Acceptance of students from Initial level to Grade 8 is by an audition process.

Course structure
The structure of the LCM course will consist of 8 semesters divided into 12 weeks for each semester.Student progress is expected to be at a rate of 1 Grade per semester.

It is proposed that there are 2 x 2 hour lessons per week totalling 4 hours per week.The lessons will include DVD presentations of individual instruments to be stored centrally on laptops so that teaching can be readily communicated to a wider audience.

The student can progress through the Grades by taking an assessment examination at the end of each semester. The examination will be assessed by LCM staff. Qualifications achieved are recognised globally. 

Student Costs

Market analysis has shown that music tuition charges average out to a rate of 20.00 per hour. The LCM course will charge students 200.00 per semester.Although initially, this cost appears to be high, the student will receive 12 weeks of 4 hours tuition per week which equates to; 16.64 per week, at a rate of 4.16 per hour.

This is far below the average price for music tuition in the UK at present. If students pay for 3 semesters there will be a cost saving of 100.00. A further additional saving of 100 is proposed for a second child.

Location for Tuition  
Tuition must take place in a suitable public location that is certified for insurance purposes, Health and Safety etc. It is proposed that the ideal location would be on the premises of Nanak Darbar North London where music classes currently take place. Therefore permission was sought from the Gurdwara Committee.

Approval by the Gurdwara committee was agreed at their meeting on 1 July 2007.

For further details on any of the above teaching programmes, please contact or




Music classes run by the Raj Academy will continue on Fridays weekly from 5.00pm to 8.30 pm. Monthly Gurmat Sangeet Kirtan Programme performed by Raj Academy students.Experience an evening of Kirtan sung as prescribed by Guru Granth Sahib Ji and on traditional Sikh Instruments.

Kirtani request is for Nirdaareth (Title) Raag only. Rahao as Asthai.

All Gurmat Kirtanis are welcome - please contact one of the following in advance stating the Shabad/ Raag you will be performing, as well as your preferred time;,                       


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